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As a result of the know how that has been gathered in the use of GNSS positioning systems in any kind of applications in land, sea and air, the Company has participated to a series of projects that do not fit to the general categories of applications that relevant technical companies are involved.
Among others, the Company has dealt with specific applications such as:
• The Installation of HEPOS. The permanent GNSS reference station network in Greece that is operated by the Greek Cadastral Organization.

The Company undertook the study for the selection of suitable sites, the validation and deployment of 98 GPS reference stations of HEPOS net.  Moreover undertook designed installed and secured wired and wireless communication of these stations with the Control Center of HEPOS.   

• Calculation of the transformation parameters between the reference system ETRF2005 and GGRS'87.

EIDIKES THUMB 1The company in the frame of this project in cooperation with TOPOMET SA carried out measurements using GNSS satellite systems in 2500 triangulation  points of the existing triangulation network in Greece. Thus identified the local distortion of the GGRS87 across the country and secured the calculation of a single 7-parameter transformation in conjunction with grid local corrections that ensure the transition from ETRF2005 HEPOS to GGRS87 and vice versa with the centimeter accuracy.

• Calculating a single geoid model across the country

Using the expertise gained dealing with relevant scientific subjects and using relevant measurements, the Company has created a single geoid model across the country. This model ensures the direct determination of orthometric elevations using GNSS systems throughout the Greek territory with corresponding accuracy similar to the elevation accuracy of the official triangulation network of the country.

• Recording of the geometry of roads and railways

By undertaking those studies, the Company developed a special platform that captures the geometry and the assets of the road or railway network. This has been achieved using  a precise positioning and orientation system onboard the vehicle that combines an integrated GNSS/INS system with digital cameras. Especially developed s/w is used for the computation of road geometry.

• Drafting of obstacle maps for airports
In the frame of relevant surveys the Company developed techniques for the instant detection and rapid recording of obstacles with satellite positioning system techniques. It also developed special techniques for the rapid entry of these data for processing in the office and developed an automated procedure to draw obstacle maps.
• Fleet management
In the context of European programs, installed systems to manage urban and intercity buses in Patra and Volos.


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