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For the successful cable and pipeline laying and burial are necessary detailed bathymetric and geophysical surveys of the seabed corridor that will be selected.
HYDRO-THUMB-1A detailed geophysical survey and assessment of the texture of the seabed and the sub bottom layers are key elements to avoid risks related to the design and manufacture with high technical and economic criteria of marine installations and constructions.
The Company for this purpose except the qualified engineers and staff dedicated to this subject has developed strategic partnerships with marine geologists, physical oceanographers, marine biologists and other experts in order to provide its customers high quality services of data collection, processing, design and presentation of these results.
Besides the qualified staff, the Company holds a research vessel to cover the needs of all coastal and small and medium-sized offshore projects while for the open sea offshore projects is in constant collaboration with the HCMR and the fully equipped oceanographic vessel of it "Aegaeo".
By using advanced sampling tools such as samplers,  gravity corers etc and combining these data with seismic recordings and other high precision geophysical data can provide accurate information regarding the composition of the seabed. These data are of crucial significance for proper design and proper routing of submarine cables and the relevant burial assessment, avoiding the significant costs of corrective actions due to uncertainties in the initial study.
For inshore works, the Company holds a specialized diving crew, used for underwater video caprture, inspections and sampling of the seabed.
HYDRO-THUMB-2In this particular subject the Company has to present a very extensive experience, as it has undertake relevant surveys of more than 1300Km of offshore studies, and 100 inshore ones. Lately undertakes not only the relevant marine surveys but also licensing procedures for the whole construction of the works. In particular undertakes the Desktop Study (DTS), submits the necessary material to the relevant authorities in order them to issue the necessary permits for the project. And finally carries out the whole inshore and offshore surveys in order to select the optimum route and estimate the possibility of burial.

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