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DIKTYO THUMB 1The history of the Company members in this field, begins with the establishment of the OMA coordinate reference system and the establishment of the first urban trigonometric network in the country held using satellite methods (GPS receivers) for the needs of the Athens Metro in the early 90s. This study was the first major project undertaken by the then, newly formed company.

Since then the company has set up dozens of trigonometric networks across the country. For the establishment of these networks have been used satellite or terrestrial methods depending on project requirements. A particular specialization of the Company is the establishment of high precision trigonometric networks to meet the needs of technical projects of small and large scale. The Company has vast experience and specialized personnel in this field, since it has dealt with very special applications such as establishing networks for micromovement monitoring, the establishment of triangulation networks in tunnels and large scale networks in studies of cadastral and road and railway projects.

DIKTYO THUMB 2Apart of the above a characteristic dedicated work undertaken by the Company was to measure 2500 triangulation points of the national geodetic network, in order to determine the transformation parameters from the reference system ETRF2005 to which the network of permanent reference stations HEPOS is referred to EGSA'87 the existing coordinate reference system. In the frame of this study the 1/10 of the country triangulation points were measured evenly distributed across the country.

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