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The Company

C. Liapakis – V. Balis Consultant Engineers UGP with distinctive title Geotech was established in February 1991. Members of Geotech are members of the Technical Chamber of Greece, while the company itself has become member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Since August 2004 company offices are hosted at a proprietary building of 400sqm in Gerakas Attica Greece.

Geotech is deeply involved with the development and application of innovative solutions in the fields of interest of it. This is proven from the majority of the projects that has executed in more than twenty years of operation of the company.

The two major stockholders of the company are Surveying Engineers holding PhD degrees and extended experience in execution of demanding projects.

Company employs eight more persons from which three are also experienced surveying engineers.

Geotech is focusing in fields like surveying studies, research, development of certific applications, and the use of state of the art technologies in the fileds of geodesy, topography, chartography, hydrography, photogrammetry, precise navigation and positioning. The Major subject of the company is Marine surveys and Geophysics for submarine cable laying, pipeline laying and harbors. Among the major interests of the company are also GIS applications, image processing and road design. Also the company is deeply involved in applications related 3D laser scanning and processing. The company has acquired an UAS that is used for small and medium aerial photogrammetry applications and the creation of otrhophotos and photogrammetric diagrams.

In general the company is early adopter of new techniques related to surveying engineering field and provides high quality services in demanding projects using edge technology.

Quality Policy

First priority of the Company used to be from the very beginning the provision of qualitative and integrated solutions and services which can be achieved by highly skilled organization structure in the Company and the secure of a series of quality controls during the execution and the submission procedures of every single project. Since 2008 Geotech passed all the procedures of preparation and processing of any kind of projects it undertakes with responsiveness to the Quality Management System according to the International Prototype ISO 9001 (ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008/ No. 041120203), which the Company follows since then up to now securing officially, the quality of the provided services.


Since its establishment in 1991, Geotech focused to the provision of expertise geodetic and surveying engineering services, targeting always to the development and application of innovative solutions. Main fields of interest in this specific activity were hydrographic and geophysical applications in various marine projects, the establishment of extended and precise geodetic triangulation networks, cadastral, machine guidance and fleet management, 3D laser scanning and lately small and medium size aerial photogrammetry using UAS.

Find following in chronological order some representative pioneer for the time that were executed projects, that show Company’s activity since it was established.

  1. Establishment of the main Geodetic Triangulation Network for the needs of the construction of the underground (Metro) of Athens in early 90’s. This network was maybe the first established network in urban environment using GPS technology in GPS’s early experimental stage where it was operational for just some hours a day. This network was established in an independent coordinate system that was also established by Geotech for the needs of Metro construction. This network was established with centimeter accuracy and it is still the reference for any further extension of Metro since then.
  2. Submarine Archaeological research project in cooperation with Dept of Underwater Antiquities Ministry of Culture and the University of Florida in the sea area of Aktion for the location of findings related to the Sea Battle of Aktion. At that period (1993 – 1997) it was a pioneer project combining DGPS positioning for accurate navigation, side scan sonar and submarine video capturing using ROV in its very first stage of development. Scope of the whole project was the location of targets related with findings of the ancient sea battle.
  3. Offshore and Inshore hydrographic and geophysical surveys (1991 – 1998). Scope of those projects was the seabed survey for submarine cable laying. Those are specialized surveys that involve bathymetry, geo-morphological surveys and sub-bottom profiling. Scope of those projects is to determine optimal submarine cable routes and burial assessment.
  4. Offshore and inshore hydrographic and geophysical surveys in demanding projects as the one for the location and mapping of submarine springs of drinking water in Stoupa Peloponnese and mapping of Sea Diamont wreck in Santorini Island
  5. Installation and operation of fleet management system for municipal buses in Patra and Volos
  6. Cadastral projects at Lechena (1996) and Etoloakarnania (1998) Perfectures
  7. Establishment of high accuracy triangulation network for micromovement monitoring using GPS receivers in Metsovo area (1996), in the frame of Egnatia Odos high way construction.
  8. Mobile Mapping using a suitably equipped vehicle to capture road geometry and road equipment (Ministry of Public Works, Egnatia Odos SA, 1997-2012) also railway geometry and equipment (Ergose SA, 2005)
  9. Tunnel 3D laser scanning for evaluation purposes related to accurate surveys and design of as built drawings in tunnels of Patra Athens, Thessaloniki HighWay and Egnatia Odos HighWay
  10. 3D laser scanning, at the archaeological site of Ilida (2003) for the creation of an 1:50 scale orthophoto, facades and 3D photorealistic model. 3D laser scanning of several churches in Cyprus for the detailed survey and documentation of the monuments and the creation of detailed planimetries, sections, orthophotos, 3D photorealistic models.
  11. 3D laser scanning of the Rock and the Walls of the Acropolis of Athens in the frame of the study for the “Development of a GIS for the Acropolis of Athens”. This project was assigned to the J/V of ELPHO – Geotech by the Agency of Maintenance of the Monuments of the Acropolis of Athens. (
  12. Installation of the GNSS permanent station network HEPOS in Greece on behalf of Ktimatologio SA (2007). The project assigned refers to the installation of 97 permanent reference stations covering the whole country and providing networking solution everywhere with centimeter positioning accuracy. (
  13. Measurement of 2500 triangulation points of the existing triangulation network of Greece and the computation of the transformation parameters and a detailed shift grid net to transfer from HEPOS coordinate system to the official GGRS’87 coordinate system and vice - versa.
  14. Offshore and Inshore hydrographic and geophysical surveys (1999 – 2012. Scope of those projects was the seabed survey for submarine cable laying. Those are specialized surveys that involve bathymetry, geo-morphological surveys and sub-bottom profiling. Scope of those projects is to determine optimal submarine cable routes and burial assessment.
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